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How can the ReMoto device save your life?

Let us introduce you to the best riding friend for when you’re out on the road. Giving you the freedom you feel when riding your motorcycle with the peace of mind of knowing that you’re protected. Now, with the Caser ReMoto device, your motorcycle safety on every journey you take on your two wheels is the number one priority. You might ask, how does it work, or what does it do in the event of a fall?

  1. In the event of an accident
    Imagine you’re out on the country roads and you have an accident, but you can’t get in touch with anyone. Maybe you are injured, shaken up or even unconscious. Don't worry, ReMoto has your back.
  2. We pinpoint your location
    In an accident, every minute counts. This is why ReMoto automatically detects if you fall and sends your location straight away to Caser's emergency assistance team.
  3. We send an ambulance straight away
    Thanks to artificial intelligence, we’re able to send you an ambulance, no matter where you are, and without you having to do a thing.

No installation needed

The device is easy to install and takes minutes, no need to visit a garage or installer.

Instant geolocation in the event of an accident

Privacy is essential and that's why the ReMoto device only sends your location if you fall off your motorbike, never before. Safety to save your life, not to spy on you.

How do I activate it?

  1. You receive the device
    As soon as you take out your insurance with Caser, we will send you the documentation by email and when your policy enters into force, Caser will send you direct your ReMoto Welcome Pack including the device and installation instructions.
  2. Download the Caser ReMoto app
    Download the app for Android or Apple from the relevant app store, create an account and add the registration number of your bike.
  3. Attach the device
    Attach it to the inside of the glove compartment or seat and follow the instructions on the app until the message "You're now connected to ReMoto" appears on your screen. That's it!

Watch the video below for more information

Caser ReMoto Device

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