Pet Insurance in English

There are two types of Pet Insurance available in Spain in English for expats.

One type is a policy which will provide cover for liability and will also provide subsidised costs for veterinary treatments at designated vets. These policies also include some free treatments and do not have exclusions for pre-existing conditions as they are simply providing a subsidised cost.

The other is a more comprehensive policy which will provide cover for liability but will also provide you with reimbursement of vet fees and allows you to use your own vets. These policies generally do not include any free treatments and will usually exclude any pre-existing medical conditions and may exclude treatment for a period at the commencement of the policy. Caser do not offer this type of Pet Insurance policy but if you are interested in this type of policy, you can find further information here.

The Caser Pet Insurance policies that we offer, are the first type and have been designed for cat or dog owning expats in Spain. The comprehensive policies have no exclusions for breed, age or state of health. All policies are immediate and you can use your pet insurance from day one. As well as providing cover in the event of illness, the policy also provides access to over 100 veterinary procedures at discounted prices via a network of almost 350 approved veterinary centres.

Cover includes:-

Veterinary Consultations
24-hour emergency consultations
Specialist consultations
Annual rabies vaccine
Public Liability
Defence and bonds
Telephone veterinary assistance
Pet services guidance
Multi-pet discount (up to 5 pets per policy)
Pet owners advice line

For more information or to request a quotation, call or WhatsApp us on +34 676 631 225, or complete the call back request below and we'll call you back at your preferred time.

Cute Portuguese Water Dog Puppy with English owners. | GB Insurance Services, Madrid, Spain.
Established Insurer for Expats

Established Insurer

All our policies are arranged with an established and award winning insurer.

Multi-per discount

Multi Pet Discount

Up to 30% discount for additional pets

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options

Premiums payable half-yearly or quarterly subject to status

Great Prices for Expats

Great Prices

Prices from just 150€ to 195€ per pet

Caser Instant Quote for Pet Insurance in English for Expats

    The annual premium based on 1 pet is 205,45€ or 221,23€ including cover for cremation expenses

    The annual premium based on 2 pets is 363,45€ or 395,05€ including cover for cremation expenses

    The annual premium based on 3 pets is 489,87€ or 537,28€ including cover for cremation expenses

    The annual premium based on 4 pets is 584,69€ or 647,92€ including cover for cremation expenses

    The annual premium based on 5 pets is 679,49€ or 758,48€ including cover for cremation expenses

    If you would like a full written quotation or further information, please email