What to do when you’re away

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What to do when you’re away

When you’re not at home, you need to make your property look ‘lived in’ even when it’s not. Here are some useful tips to help

Ask a friend to pop in
Ask a friend or neighbour to pop in and check the property for you and bring in any mail from your mailbox. (Don’t forget to tell your neighbours is someone is popping in while you're away,  you don’t want them to see someone moving around and  report them to the police).

Don’t advertise your trip
Tell as few people as possible about your holiday. Break-ins often happen when somebody knows the house is empty. Don’t post publicly online about your trip. If you use social media, make sure that you don’t make your posts public.

Should I close my blinds/curtains/shutters when I go away?
For outside appearances, the most important thing is that it look like someone is at home. It doesn’t matter whether they are open during the day, just as long as there is some variety. Ask your friend or neighbour to open or close them each time they visit. If you don’t have anyone to do this for you, it’s best to leave them open (it will appear less ‘closed up’ with them open) but make sure that all windows and doors are closed and locked securely. Remove anything valuable from sight in the event that potential thieves can see inside. If they see something of value, they are more likely to want to break in.

Spare Keys
Someone breaking into your home doesn’t want to do any damage if they can avoid it. They will want to get in and out without leaving any obvious signs that they have been there. If they suspect your property is empty, they may have a good look round for a spare key. Don't leave spare keys under a rock or plant pot, you don’t want to offer a free pass to anyone who wants to get inside. Also, most home insurance policies will exclude any theft unless there is a sign of violent or forcible entry or exit.

If, despite all this, someone does get into your home while you are away, don’t make it easy for them. Store any valuable or irreplaceable items i.e. jewellery, photos, tablets in a place they won’t be found easily (and remember where you've hidden them!). You might even want to drop them off somewhere else for safekeeping while you’re away.

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